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Intraocular Lens

Cataract surgery has undergone tremendous technological advances. Patients who recently encountered cataracts will now discover they have choices in the type of intraocular lens (IOL) they choose for surgery. An intraocular lens is the lens that is surgically implanted in the eye to replace the existing clouded lens. Traditionally, the replacement lens used for cataract surgery was a monofocal IOL. This type of lens restores good function for distance vision, but patients still need to continue wearing reading glasses or bifocals for reading or other near vision tasks.

Cataract & Laser Institute’s goal is no longer to simply restore distance vision with a monofocal IOL. Today, the goal is to enhance our patients’ vision with a multifocal IOL that may provide them with a full range of vision, thus minimizing their dependence on glasses and in many cases eliminating the need for reading glasses or bifocals. These new breakthrough lenses provide good distance, intermediate and near vision.

How IOLs work

Like your eye’s natural lens, an IOL focuses light that comes into your eye through the cornea and pupil onto the retina, the sensitive tissue found at the back of your eye. The retina then relays that image through the optic nerve to the brain. Most IOLs are made of a flexible, foldable material and are about one-third the size of a dime. Much like the prescription on the lenses of your glasses, the IOL will also contain the appropriate prescription to give you your best vision.

Choosing the Right Lens

Prior to surgery at Cataract & Laser Institute, an IOL Counselor will take the time to discuss your lens options with you. They will answer any questions you might have.

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